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About Perennial Property Clean Up

My goal is to make the vision of your property become reality.

Perennial Property Clean Up specializes in preparing and maintaining all types of lawns, mulch beds, driveway and walkway surfaces. Pruning shrubs, trees, hedges and doing cutbacks is a specialty of ours. Cleaning up Mother Nature's seasonal changes includes the removal of debris and clutter. Do you have a stump or shrub you'd like to remove, my reply is "let's do it and get it done." Junk removal and yard debris is no problem. Reorganizing for functionality or repurposing relics and keepsakes is a goal. Keep what you love and get rid of what you don't need anymore. If you have an old fence, that needs replacing let's take it down and put a new one up. The possibilities are unlimited, if it's your place of business or work needing Landscape services, then I want you to love the view while walking up to the doors in the morning. At home I want you to smile with your morning cup of coffee while looking out your window and all that you see makes you happy. Let's up lift your spirit and sense of pride with something to look forward to seeing every day.  I enjoy my clients and their ideas and being a part of making what I consider art. Perennial Property Clean Up works with any budget big or small to get results you desire. Seasons change, come and go, let's see what we can accomplish in this season.


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You did an amazing job!  It is beautiful!!! I smile every time I look out the window.

Donna J.

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